Preparation Edit

Gummy bear Cupcakes

Prep Time:10 Minutes

Total Time:20 Minutes

Makes 2 dozen (24 Total)

Ingredients Edit

Any flavor of cupcake mix

Gummy bears

Fruit roll ups

Life savers or peach rings

Blue/yellow sprinkles or blue/yellow icing 

Directions Edit

  1. Follow directions on cupcake mix. Bake.
  2. Cut fruit roll ups into small strips to be used as beach towels.
  3. When cupcakes are cooled, apply blue icing (or sprinkles) to 1/3-1/2 of the cupcake. Apply yellow icing (or sprinkles) to the other side.
  4. Place lifesavers/peach rings in the water (blue icing) and fruit roll up towels on the sand (yellow icing). Place gummy bears in rings and on towels.